The idea is to create targeted social media ads

We all know that the Internet is an amazing place to find information, buy products online, and network with people you are interested in. Most of us have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…whatever your flavor may be these days. As marketers, we are always looking for new ways to take advantage of these sites to market our products and services that is why social media growth services have been in demand in the past years where Social media platforms have proved to be more important than ever.

#1. Trying to sell too quickly.

Some marketers see these sites as just another way to post their sales letters or long-winded sales pitch. They put up ads that are nothing but a sales pitch and think people will just jump on board because they are so excited about the product! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that for most people.

The idea is to create targeted social media ads that are interesting enough that they get clicked on and then you can continue to market your product or service from there. If done correctly, the person who clicks on the ad will have a higher chance of buying whatever it is you are selling because they have been educated about what you’re selling and trust you by the time they reach your landing page.

#2. Not making it clear that your link will take them somewhere else.

I cringe when I see ads like “check out my site” or “get this product”. That’s not an ad, that’s just telling me to look at what you’ve already got!  If you want to make an ad that is going to be effective, you have to tell people what they are clicking on!  Let me give you an example:

This ad does not do a very good job of social media advertising, it would likely not get clicked on unless the person was extremely interested in baby clothes and had nothing else to do.

Now, this ad does a pretty good job of advertising what it leads to so people might be more inclined to click on the link and see what’s so great about these baby clothes! When they reach the landing page there will still probably be some selling involved but they are much more likely to buy than with the first ad because they already know what baby clothes are being sold and they have an idea of the product value because of the ad.

#3. Not having a call to action.

This should be common sense for experienced marketers, but I still see ads all the time that don’t end with a simple “buy now” or “contact us today!” It is a good idea to have a call to action at the end of every ad you put out.

#4. Not using pictures or videos.

Pictures and videos are pretty much standard for any kind of advertising these days! If you can, I would suggest having both in your social media ads because it is more likely that people will click on it.

#5. Not using proper grammar or punctuation.

I know English is not everyone’s first language, but if you want your ad to be taken seriously, try to use some proper sentence structure and grammar! People do judge books by their covers so if the content of your ad seems unprofessional chances are people won’t take you or your products seriously.

One thing I have noticed through many years of networking, marketing, and promoting is that there seems to be a lack of understanding as to how these sites should be used for advertising purposes. These are some common mistakes that marketers make and if you can avoid making them then you should see an increase in your profits!