Auxiliary electric heater odor treatment method

Auxiliary electric heater uses a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be scale production. If it is not cleaned up, this is also a big damage to the body, and the auxiliary electric heater hose is a colloidal material because it is new.So there will be odor. If you use this taste after a while, it will be reduced until there is no. You can use the boiling water after buying, so this personal heater pungent taste will be very small.Aflive electric heater The other is to use a period of time, the electric heater has a odor and thick scale, and the electric heater tank is large, but the cleaning ports that can be utilized are very limited.If it is an enamel inner cholang heater, the magnesium rod is replaced in time.Otherwise, a large amount of scale will cause the electric heater to heat, and the reduction in heat production is reduced.The magnesium rod in the enamel inlet heaters need to be replaced by 1 year to two years.Titanium liner and Jingui liner are an enamel inner enamel, not only has good corrosion resistance, high liner intensity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and stable performance.